6 Ways to Style Diamonds with Your Outfit

What could be more frustrating than choosing a perfect outfit? Then you also have to deal with the worry of getting the perfect jewelry to go with that outfit. Well, it’s great to have choices. But having too many choices can turn your dressing into an unpleasant look.

If this is something you’ve gone through, you’re not alone. That’s because women are always stuck in this kind of predicament. And it’s a fact that women spend a lot of time dressing up.

Diamond jewelry is an important part of your general look. So why not make an informed decision when accessorizing to ensure you grab everyone’s attention? There are a lot of insights required to coordinate jewelry in the right manner. Fortunately, there are many tips out here to help you perfect your look, including in this article. 

How to Style Diamonds with Your Outfits?

Wisely selecting your piece of jewelry has the power to transform your overall look. It makes your look notably more upscale or casual. The secret to dressing up with jewelry is to know what style element your diamond jewelry brings.

You’d also be required to understand how to use that element strategically. This article is meant to explore the subject further and help you make better choices.

1. Styling Wedding Rings for Women

If you’re engaged or married, the best thing you can do is to pair your rings with your outfits. And let’s face it. While wearing your wedding dress, nothing else should top your diamond wedding band. It wouldn’t be proper to wear other rings at that moment.

It’s obvious that not all days are your wedding day and not all rings are wedding rings. Elegance is vital when pairing your wedding day diamond ring with evening attire. If you’re wearing a little black dress, a single, elegant ring is enough.

But if you’re wearing a pair of jeans and an oversized top, feel free to wear several diamond rings. Pick smaller and classic diamond rings to compliment your outfit, not to drag people’s attention away from it.

Diamond engagement rings also make for a good accessory. If you’re currently engaged, why not flaunt your rocks? If you, however, are still planning a good surprise engagement, make sure to find her ring size. What makes rings as the best accessory is when they are perfectly fitted to your fingers –– not too big that it keeps sliding off and not too small that it swells up your fingers.

2. Styling with Diamond Bracelets and Bangles

A well-chosen diamond tennis bracelet can add a unique element of personal style. If you decide to stack your bracelet, the general rule of thumb is to wear a maximum of three to four bracelets. And they should all share similar traits.

Bracelets are a type of diamond jewelry that can look chaotic if not paired up with the right ones. Thus, remember that less is more when accessorizing. You can choose a tennis bracelet that features classic design details. This will help to add sophistication to an upscale ensemble.

A timeless diamond bangle bracelet is a good choice as it can complement black-tie attires. Diamond bracelets that feature halo set diamonds are also a great option. That’s if you’re going for a more glamorous look.

If you prefer a casual diamond bracelet look, how about going one of two ways with your bracelet choices? It can be simple or gigantic. A simple bracelet such as a white gold bangle is a great way to round out a casual outfit. Going for graphic bracelets that feature charms will help to add a bit of fun to your look. It will also add personality to an ensemble. 

Don’t feel limited by the choice of either a simple or a gigantic diamond bracelet. That’s because you can mix and match for as long as you don’t choose bracelets with large diamonds and gemstones.

3. Diamond Earrings

You may be one of the people who don’t like wearing jewelry. But you probably own a couple of pairs of earrings. That’s because earrings are some of the most versatile accessories when worn in the right way.

Earrings come in several styles, from earring studs to drops. Every style goes well with a different type of outfit. Take a diamond drop earring, for instance. It would match well with a long and collarless dress. You should keep your necklace for another day in this case.

Remember you’re trying to grab attention through your diamond earrings, wear a not shiny necklace.

If you’ve been invited to a cocktail party, you can choose to go for classic diamond earrings. Select a diamond style that will compliment your outfit. Formal events are a wonderful opportunity to show off your diamond jewelry. And a pair of diamond stud earrings is more than enough to compliment a conservative outfit. 

4. Diamond Necklace Styles and Diamond Chokers

Diamond necklaces are very elegant. For that reason, some people may want to reserve them for more sophisticated looks. But diamond necklaces also look beautiful with simple black dresses. The color causes the diamond jewelry to stand out more.

Think about wearing a diamond necklace with a solid cashmere sweater. The more detailed your diamond cut and the necklace are, the more subtle your outfit should be.

When it comes to diamond chokers, they are a little more understated. This is compared to regular diamond necklaces. Nevertheless, diamond chokers can go a long way in fashion. You can wear a diamond choker with a scoop neck top. It will make your neck look longer and slender than it is.

Some cloth fabrics look better with a diamond choker compared to other ornaments. Take velvet and lace tops, for instance. They look better with a diamond choker compared to simple T-shirts.

5. Dressing with Stackable Rings

Avoid large diamond pieces if you’re going for a casual stacked ring look. You should also limit yourself to one large ring. That’s because wearing multiple large rings can easily look tacky.

Instead of wearing multiple large diamond rings, go for intricate and delicate designs. Leave some skin showing between your rings to give yourself a light and stylish look. That’s because wearing multiple tightly placed rings can look too formal.

6. Get Creative with Your Hairstyle and Add Glam to Your Shoes

Sometimes you have to think beyond your wardrobe to add more sophistication to your look.  And a diamond hair accessory is the best way to do that. A diamond hair clip on one side of your head is a great way to add a touch of luxury.

A neutral basic pair of shoes can be paired with anything. That’s because sometimes you have to add a little style. But have you considered what type of diamond can do for your shoes? Give a diamond broach on an ankle strap and you’ll get impressed by the results. 


The right diamond jewelry can last a lifetime. It can also become an heirloom if you take good care of it. But that’s not to say that you should lock it away and not wear it out of fear. 

Accessorizing with your diamond jewelry should only enhance your natural style and not change it. Pairing your diamonds with the right outfit is not enough, you must wear it with confidence so your whole outfit will come together. Hopefully, these tips will give you an idea on how else you can pair up your diamond jewelry with other outfits or ornaments.

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