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Spring is many garden enthusiasts’ favorite season. It’s the time of year when everything comes alive again, and you can start planning a new garden or resurrect plants that have hibernated over the winter. But what about the autumn? When the weather turns cold, you might not be able to have as much fun in your yard and garden. However, there are a variety of garden tools that can help you take your wild and woolly outdoors cape into something clipped and appropriate, so you can still enjoy fall in the yard.

  • Hori-Hori Knife by Martha Stewart

From digging to slicing through roots and chopping weeds, a good garden tool (knife) can do it all. A hori-hori is a lightweight tool with a stainless-steel blade and complete tang (the stainless steel extends into the grip, preventing the blade from bending or breaking). The blade has a serrated edge for sawing and a razor-sharp edge for cutting. It even comes with a storage leather sheath.

  • Hand Garden Hoe in Japanese

Sharpened on both sides, the Japanese Hand Garden Hoe makes gardening activities quick and easy. This tool is great for weeding under mulch and removing grass and weeds.

  • Lifetime Half-Moon Hoe from Gardener’s Supply

In the garden, it’s sometimes necessary to go a bit mediaeval. This handcrafted hoe boasts a Swedish-forged boron steel cutting edge and comes with a lifetime guarantee. This vintage hoe has a devoted cult following of gardeners who have been using it for decades to dig out weeds without bending and to manicure grass edges.

  • Hand Rake by Friskers

This hand rake is ergonomically intended to prevent hand and wrist fatigue when cultivating by loosening soil, eliminating weeds, and aerating soil. Sharp tines make digging through thick soil simple, and the cast-aluminum head resists rust for long-term use.

  • Grass Shear and Flower Bed

Q-yard for Flower Beds and Grass Cutters Compound lever technology in Grass Shears enhances your leverage for up to two times the cutting power of typical single-pivot shears.

  • Brush Cutter for Mower Blades

This is a useful lawn mower brush cutter blade that can rotate freely at 180 degrees and has a double-sided cutting edge that increases job efficiency. Made of high-quality manganese steel, this tool is wear-resistant and has a long service life. Designed with a double-sided cutting edge that cuts 360 degrees without dead angles.


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