Best Tactical Diaper Bag for Dads in 2021

Parenthood is a joint effort, which is why dads need a quality diaper bag! Traveling with your baby can be a seamless experience with a diaper bag that is durable, functional, and complementary to your specific needs. Investing in a diaper bag that makes your items accessible is also critical in making sure your baby’s needs are met.

This article dives into the best tactical diaper bags for dads in 2021, the important factors to consider before your purchase, and our top pick.

Best Tactical Diaper Bag for Dads in 2021 Feature Overview

Tactical Baby Gear Deuce 2.0

now  5 Stars Best For Durability Water-repellant, water-resistant polymer bag materials
Customizable webbing system
Extra padding for the shoulder with a detachable strap for the shoulder
Hook-and-loop pockets that are easily accessible on the front
Strong, YKK zippers are long-term durability

Columbia Summit Rush Diaper Bag

now  4 Stars Best For Long-Distance Walking Polyester fabric materials create long-term strength for long-distance
Wide mouth opening allows for easy access to supplies
Adjustable backstraps and back padding offer an ergonomic option
Extra-large pocket for two bottles that insulates the temperature
Leak-proof exterior lining that passes CPSC and FDA safety requirements

Skip Hop Paxwell

now  3.5 Stars Best For Sporty Dads Total of 8 pockets, including an interior mesh option
Includes a pair of insulated side pockets
Machine washable materials for added convenience
Padded straps make it an ideal option for long-distance travel or vacation use
Water-resistant polyester materials

Pipi Bear Diaper Travel Bag


now  3 Stars Best For Functionality Offers 13 pockets for extra storage space
Thick shoulder pad with adjustable straps
Dual-style zippers make all pockets and sections accessible while on-the-go
Waterproof materials make it last for the long run
Sleek black and gray design is stylish for either mom or dad


Ruvalino Diaper Bag

now  3 Stars Best For Convenience 14 pockets are accessible and positioned nicely
General neutral design with a good mix of black and gray
Both the interior and exterior are resistant to spills
Stroller straps make it easy to attach while pushing your child along
Contains three bottle holders that are well-insulated

How We Researched the Best Tactical Diaper Bag for Dads in 2021

54 Expert Reviews Evaluated 13,500 Customer Reviews Evaluated 6 Hours Researching 75 Products Analyzed

Best Tactical Diaper Bag for Dads in 2021 7 Things to Look for in a Quality Tactical Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is an important decision that takes careful thought and research. You want an option that has a functional style and offers a lot of storage space. Durable materials, accessible pockets, and add-on features like a changing pad are also valuable. Below are some of the important qualities to consider before you make your final buying decision.


There are many types of diaper bags on the market for you to choose from. It all comes down to two styles: the shoulder strap and backpack. You can also group tote and designer bags into separate categories, although the strap and backpack are all-encompassing.

Each style has distinguishable benefits, but you must first assess your situation before deciding the best option for you. It will depend on if you are pushing a stroller or not, how far you typically walk, and the number of kids you have.

What are the key benefits and differentiating factors between the shoulder strap and backpack diaper bags?What kind of tactical diaper bags is your favourite?

Shoulder Bag

The shoulder strap diaper bag option is more convenient and functional between the two. You grab the strap, throw it over your shoulder, and you can carry it with ease. This option is excellent for dads who are constantly on the go. It is also useful for those who need to share it with a spouse or multiple people. Straps can adjust easily, and the shoulder bag usually hangs conveniently on a stroller.

Diaper bag contents are also much more accessible with this style. Because it hangs on the shoulder, dads can easily grab wipes, bottles, or other resources while walking. A regular backpack may require you to take it off, dig through pockets, and spend much more time locating supplies.


A backpack-style diaper does exactly what it is supposed to do. It is a backpack transformed into a diaper bag, which allows a hands-free alternative. This style is convenient for fathers who need extra hands to carry items, in addition to the diaper bag.

The backpack style is also suitable for dads who need to carry their child at the same time. A shoulder bag may fall off while holding a small child because of the weird angles. Although some guys do not like the feminine look of a backpack, you cannot argue that it adds a lot of conveniences when transporting other items.

Size and Storage

Extra storage space is your friend when it comes to the ideal diaper bag product. You will need places to put items that belong to both you AND your child. In addition to the storage space, check for options with more pockets so that you can effectively house items like wipes, clothes, bottles, snacks, and personal devices.

A bigger diaper bag does not always mean better, however. You do not want a bag that is so large that you cannot find the necessary items. Accessibility is crucial, and you should avoid a bag that compromises convenience because of its size.


Your diaper bag will go face a lot of wear-and-tear challenges. Fatherhood is a long journey, so you want to invest in a diaper bag built for the long haul. As you scan the reviews for the different diaper bags, look for products with durable pockets and strong zippers. You do not want to experience a jammed zipper during a trip to the zoo. Bags with washable materials are also an added convenience to consider.

Accessibility and Pockets

The number of pockets is a distinguishing feature between average and excellent diaper bags. Pockets allow you to store the extra necessities like wipes, baby bottles, lotion, clothes, and snacks. More dividers also allow you to separate the dirty items from the clean ones.

Accessibility is also a critical component for diaper bags. Regardless of if you choose a shoulder strap or backpack option, you need to reach your supplies easily. As you travel on the go and have your hands full, a quality diaper bag with easy access can make all the difference.

Easy to Carry

Whether you go with the shoulder strap or backpack options, the diaper bag must be easy to carry. You want an option that does not take too much energy out of you. A Convenient carry means you have more strength to care for your little ones throughout the day. When you browse through the different diaper bag options, look for products with easily adjustable straps, durable materials, and extra padding.

Straps and Zippers

All diaper bags come with a combination of zippers and straps. The best bags will have high-quality materials that are durable and built for the long run. There is nothing worse than a zipper breaking or jamming on a long vacation. As you research the different diaper bag alternatives, prioritize the options with stainless steel, metal, or brass.

Pad for Diaper Changing

A diaper changing pad is a small add-on that is easy to overlook. You never know how helpful it is until it conveniently comes with the diaper bag. This changing pad is the perfect platform for your baby to lay on while you perform your diaper changing duties. It usually folds up and tucks conveniently into the diaper bag. If you get a product with ample storage, it should come with a diaper changing pad.

Best Tactical Diaper Bag for Dads in 2021 Top 5: Best Tactical Diaper Bags

Tactical Baby Gear Deuce 2.0

Our Top Pick

The Tactical Baby Gear (TBG) diaper bag is our top pick because of its consistent durability and structure. Not only does it come with all the pockets you could need, but its water-resistant materials make it a trustworthy option for the long term. Backed by its MOLLE webbing system, you can customize the pockets however you wish.


TBG’s design helps keep dads organized. It contains a larger primary compartment with separated interior pockets. There are also three pockets on the front for easy storage of wipes, snacks, or mobile devices. The dimensions of the TBG diaper bag are 10.25x15x4.75 inches, allowing for the optimal amount of total space.

Accessibility in the front pockets contributed to the user-friendly design. The pockets on the exterior were designed for wipes and easy storage. The hook-and-loop front pocket also provides a place for easy reach.

The bag also comes with a shoulder strap that can attach and detach as you wish. TBG has quality padding on the strap, making it enjoyable for long walks or trips.


The TBG diaper bag’s most redeeming quality might be its durability. This tough is made of military-grade exterior materials. The polyester is wear-repellant, wear-resistant, and built for the most severe wear-and-tear. TBG differentiates itself with its MOLLE system of webbing, which allows for easy customization and strength for carrying a lot of items.


We believe TBG is a worthwhile investment because of its durable, military-grade materials and convenient pocket design. The bag is built for all types of transportation items, and it includes surprisingly helpful add-ons. The clip for holding your keys and the hook-and-loop patch fields are bonuses. In addition to the water-repellant exterior materials, the YKK zippers keep the bag long-lasting.

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Columbia Summit Rush Diaper Bag

Runner Up

The Columbia Summit Rush Diaper bag was designed for the sporty parent who will be going on long walks with the family. Its materials are designed to block heat, and it includes padding to make it easier on the shoulders. Built to keep your drinks cool and your bag staying fresh, this bag provides a meaningful option for frequent vacation trips.


The Columbia Summit Rush diaper bag comes in an athletic backpack design, which complements long trips or walks. It provides a wide front opening for convenient access. The bag also includes a pocket for two bottles, which is thermal and delivers a barrier to keep the liquid cold. Columbia’s bag also provides a leak-proof lining, which is certified by the safety requirements of the CPSC and FDA.


Bacteria can cause odors, stains, and other degradation, and Columbia has a feature in place to guard this. Columbia’s bag contains antimicrobial Microban protection against potential bacteria that grow on the interior. The wide mouth component on the front is also made of polyester, which adds to the strength of the bag.

The bag’s exterior surface consists of a therma-reflect barrier, which repels heat instead of soaking it up. This technology keeps your drinks at an ideal temperature for those long trips to the zoo. Initially, the therma-reflect materials maintained a cool temperature for astronauts at 250 degrees Fahrenheit.


We love the wide range of benefits you receive with the Columbia diaper bag. For under $50, you receive a durable option with additional padding. The product also comes with a padded convenient change mat, including a prime surface for cleaning and wiping.  This change mat also has white-lined pockets and Microban to guard against stains, odors, and other deterioration.

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Skip Hop Paxwell

3rd Place

The Skip Hop Paxwell offers a minimalist design for a lighter load. For dads who would like a quality option while walking throughout the city, this bag is the ideal option.


The Skip Hop Paxwell provides a large primary compartment, which contains an ultra-wide and dual-zip design to open it. We were impressed with the eight total pockets, despite the smaller construction. One of these pockets contains mesh material on the inside for added convenience. The bag also comes with a pad for those impromptu diaper changes.

Although the Skip Hop Paxwell looks like a standard backpack design, dads can enjoy the single shoulder strap for an extra hand in carrying their child. The black, tonal camouflage print adds to the sleek design of this convenient diaper bag option.


This diaper bag’s materials make it a robust, long-lasting product. It includes a wipe-clean surface to accommodate any spills or accidents. The bag also comes with a machine-washable cushion for diaper changing. The big compartment on the front also has a double zipper opening, which ensures longevity for the most popular pocket.


The Skip Hop Paxwell packs a lot of value into this small bag. For a valid price, dads get eight pockets, a changing pad, dual-zip capabilities, an attractive design, and a convenient single shoulder strap. We highly recommend the Skip Hop paxwell for dads looking to travel light.

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Pipi Bear Diaper Travel Bag

4th Place

The Pipi Bear diaper bag is a versatile option that can transform into a backpack, tote bag, or shoulder bag. Its convenient design comes with 13 pockets, a wide opening, water-resistant materials, and a changing pad. If you are looking for a bag that can do it all, look no further than the Pipi Bear.


Pipi Bear designs its zippers so that you can access them easily and with one hand. The pocket on the front also has a wide opening, so that you can find the necessary materials quickly and easily. Pipi Bear provides ample pockets with 13 total options, including a pair of bottle bags to keep the baby drinks warm or cool. There is plenty of space for keys, changing pad, wallet, diapers, clothes, drinks, and wipes.

This multi-functional design provides multiple straps with a thick pad to safeguard your shoulders from soreness. The backpack also serves as a shoulder bag tote bag and a convenient hook to your stroller.


We love the Pipi Bear diaper bag because of its waterproof, high-quality nylon fabric and oxford cloth. Not only does the surface protect against liquids, but it is also easy to clean. What is most impressive about the Pipi Bear bag is its ability to keep its shape and elegant design throughout all the wear and tear.


The Pipi Bear covers all the bases for a quality diaper bag. It is waterproof and simple to clean because of its water-resistant material and fabric. Dads will also enjoy the simple opening design, superior insulation pockets, wide opening for accessible reach, and massive capacity.

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Ruvalino Diaper Bag

5th Place

The Ruvalino diaper bag is a fashionable and functional option for dads. Not only is it stylish to carry around, but it is also practical because it comes with 14 pockets.


We would describe the bag’s design as accessible. It contains one larger section that will house your biggest items, including 14 additional pockets. In addition to the plethora of pockets, the diaper bag comes with three insulated holders for the bottles. We were impressed with the healthy balance of zipper pockets and standard opening pockets too.

The Ruvalino also includes integrated straps for the stroller, so that it can conveniently hang when you want to push. We also love the adjustable, sliding pad on the shoulder strap for added convenience. If this his my favorite mens diaper bag?


This diaper bag provides the necessary durability because of its spill-resistant and wipeable exterior and interior. The strong lining and wear-resistant polyester fabric also make this a long-lasting option. The sturdier stitching of the lines on the exterior also makes this a valuable long-term investment. It is also convenient to carry because it only weighs a couple of pounds.


The value in the Ruvalino shows through its reliable durability, functional design, and overall look. Its strong materials, numerous pockets, and adjustability with the shoulder strap make it a quality travel sidekick for dads.

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Best Tactical Diaper Bag for Dads in 2021 Final Wrap-Up

While you cannot go wrong with any of these quality diaper bag options, we chose the Tactical Baby Gear Deuce 2.0 because of its overall durability, value, and strength for the long run. We were blown away by its combination of water-resistant poly materials, customizable webbing system, and additional padding for the shoulder.

Accessibility is key for any diaper bag, and the TBG’s design makes it easy for the dad to reach into the hook-and-loop pockets. If this bag does not match your needs, we provided you with a diverse set of options, styles, and bags to make fatherhood a memorable experience.

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