How to Know if Your Internal Communication Efforts are Effective

Good internal communications are a must for a productive workplace. With the right level of understanding and transparency, the workplace becomes a place where everyone gets on with tasks smoothly and without interruption. That doesn’t just happen naturally, though, at least not most of the time.

If you want to improve your workplace’s internal communications, you must first know how to identify them. Are your efforts actually making a positive impact? Read on to learn how to know if your internal communication efforts are effective.

Track Turnover Rates

One piece of data you can easily measure is the turnover rate, and this will give you a real insight into how good workplace communication is. If you frequently have employees, new and old, leaving the company, it might indicate that you need a better internal communications strategy. Maybe not everyone is on board with the collaboration tech, or perhaps the management’s goals aren’t as transparent as they could be. If you want to improve your internal communication efforts, click here to learn more about its purpose.

Send Out Engagement Surveys

You must listen to the voice of your employees. With engagement surveys, you give your staff the chance to provide open and honest feedback on how they find communication in the workplace. Try to make these surveys very specific to the company and the internal communications you currently use. It’s also a good idea to make these surveys anonymous so that no one feels uneasy about making a complaint.

Email Tracking

Email tracking is another way to see if your internal communication efforts are working. When you send an email out to staff, you want everyone to read it and absorb the information within the email. You’ll be able to track the email’s performance, determining whether or not the emails sent are being read or replied to.

Calculate a Platform’s Log in Rate

Another area you can track is your communication platform’s log-in rate. These days, most businesses have collaboration tools that allow them to communicate over a certain platform. It makes internal communications much smoother, especially for big corporations. It’s not worth it if the bulk of staff doesn’t use it, though. By tracking the log-in rate, you can quickly see whether the platform is the right choice for the company. You may find another type of voice that needs to be used or another software altogether.

Listen to Employee Feedback

No matter how many metrics you have at your fingertips, it’s still important to actively listen to employee feedback. That could give you an essential piece of information that will help you change your internal communication strategy for the better. Make it as easy as possible for staff to provide feedback and then genuinely take it on board when they do so.

Good communication is essential for a productive and smooth-running company. Make sure your internal communication efforts are producing the results you want so that you can make appropriate changes where necessary.

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