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Photography is a fantastic profession. A photographer selects this profession as his favorite hobby. Only a professional photographer can give you the best picture of the wedding reception. A wedding is the best moment for a human being. So, people want to make and keep the best memory by photos& videos. This dream can be fulfilled by a professional and expert photographer/ cinematographer. There are so many attractive spots for a wedding photographer in London, United Kingdom to shoot your wedding photography. Tawhid Akram Pritam comes with his dedication to you. He catches the heart of every client with his outstanding job.

Biography Of Tawhid Akram Pritam

Tawhid Akram Pritam, widely well known as Tawhid Pritam. He was born on 12 February 1997 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. His country of residence is London, United Kingdom. He is the founder of Star One Studio. This multi-talented person is known as the best Photographer of Weddings & Events. On the other hand, he is we have known Video Content Creator and iOS Developer as well. Tawhid Pritam is considered a professional in the modern wedding film &photography industry. It is Tawhid Pritam, who started the modern trend of wedding photography by launching Star One Studio. Starting from zero, his contribution to Wedding photography is now a renowned name worldwide. You can contact him by using this link

Tawhid Pritam shows his audiences how he perceives his surroundings and subjects. He is a self-learner for his unique styles that make him one of a kind. For this reason, he gets many positive responses in a short time. This talented person dares to produce work that can be a topic of controversy or hatred. Portrait and landscape are very important in the photography sector. In the field of portrait and landscape, Tawhid has special skills. He has the ultimate passion for the photography sector. Video content creation is not a simple task. There are many considerations matters of video content. Editing, picture adding, theme, sound, etc. knowledge is essential for the creator. Tawhid Pritam has skills about it. He knows all matters that need for creating video content. So, clients get the best video content from him and they are thankful to him.

Tawhid Pritamuses his special skills and technical tools to create the best result. Nowadays, the world of photography relies on digital imaging and techniques. He gives importance to this matter to enhance, exaggerate and transform photos. Heis a skilled photographer who has his style of delivering his work. Tawhid Pritam wants to make memories and events in creative ways. So, he can offer unique features by his service. His beat creation is Star One Studio by which he is known as a professional video creator and IOS Developer. His clients are 100% satisfied with his skills and creative energy.


Tawhid Akram Pritam is a dedicated person in the artist world. He has multi-talent to catch the client’s heart. For this reason, he gains a reputation widely in a short time.

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