Plan Your Holidays in Luxembourg

A trip to the country will be enjoyable thanks to the pleasant climate and the variety of attractions. For history buffs, Luxembourg’s districts and castles are appealing. Wine experts visit this place. Thousands of admirers of the magnificent beverage are welcomed in the wine regions. Interesting food is served in the area. Delicacies and desserts are popular choices for mementoes. Here is a list of places in the Duchy that are worth visiting.

Old Quarter

The elegant Old Quarter of Luxembourg City is the ideal location from which to explore the city. The city’s historic defences made it one of the most significant cities in Europe and led to its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. Although the original castle was demolished between 1867 and 1883, its impact on the Old Quarter is still palpable. The fortification was so impregnable that it was known as the “Gibraltar of the North” despite the fact that the main fortress was demolished. The mediaeval fortifications have since been replaced by immaculately maintained parks and gardens, and quaint old homes and structures line the cobblestone streets. It’s a great area to spend a few hours exploring as you drive through its numerous alleyways and across its numerous bridges.

National Museum of History and Art

In the historic Fish Market district (old town centre), the MNHA’s collections – art objects, archaeological finds, furniture, tools, coins, weapons and documents related to the country’s history – are housed in a stunning new building. Special attention is given to the Gallo-Roman period and shows illustrating the artistic, social, religious and intellectual life of Luxembourgians from the 16th to the beginning of the 20th century. The contemporary art section is also a must and features works by many of the most important artists of the 20th century.

Cornish walls

The magnificent Corniche Walls in Luxembourg City have been called ‘the most beautiful balcony in Europe’, towering as it does over the old town in the river valley below. Here, you’ll find the great Grund Gate dating back to 1632. Within its walls, you’ll find several aristocratic houses and asylums, as well as the ancient Dominican monastery and the Church of St Michael (987 AD).


Standing in stark contrast to the rather flat landscape around the city of Luxembourg, the Ardennes is where you’ll find high forested plateaus, sheer cliffs, wooded hills and hidden valleys, as well as countless spectacular views. The area, known as the place where Hitler staged his last great campaign of World War II, boasts numerous castles, fortresses and fortified farms perched on hilltops.

Burscheid Castle

Here you’ll find great views and plenty of pleasant walks through other quaint villages, including Mihelau in the Sré Valley, Welscheid in the Wark Valley and Kemmen on the plateau. For bathers there are two river beaches at Burscheid Plage and Dirbach. This Ardennes region is largely dominated by the ruins of the fabulous Burscheid Castle, which looks down from a rocky peak. The castle has been largely restored since the 10th century and is available to visitors.


Luxembourg is renowned for its rich history and culture. Many visitors from all over the world come here for various tourist purposes. Come and find something special for you. Tip: In order to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this small country, plan ahead. Pay close attention to transport. For example, private transfers are the easiest way to get from the airport to your destination. AtoB airport taxi is not only about comfort and convenience but also road safety. Luxembourg Airport Transfer will provide you with fast and convenient transport from the airport to the hotel. Don’t waste your time trying to find the best route for public transport.

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