White hat SEO tactics every business must use to boost organic rankings

White hat SEO tactics every business must use to boost organic rankings

Over the years, search engines have evolved drastically. And along with this evolution, the ways in which they rank websites have changed dramatically as well. The year 2022, in particular, has been a tumultuous one. Search engines have announced several updates this year and they’ve also made several unannounced changes. This has been a troubling experience for many website owners as they are left wondering what actually works.

The simplest and safest solution to this problem is white hat SEO. Most leading agencies that provide SEO services in Los Angeles make use of white hat SEO tactics only and if you aren’t already investing in these strategies then it’s high time that you hire a company that is adept at using white hat SEO tactics.

Important White Hat SEO strategies to Elevate Your Organic Rankings

Any SEO strategy that is used in good faith and adheres to the rules and guidelines set forth by search engines and their users can be called a white hat SEO tactic. Essentially, if you aren’t trying to trick or undermine the search engine algorithms in any manner, then you are using white hat SEO. Some promising techniques that are sure to yield results are as follows:

Create Premium Quality Content

Content has always been an important aspect of SEO strategies that should be prioritized. The content that you publish on your website is one of the most crucial factors for search engine rankings. Experts believe that moving forward its importance is going to soar even higher. The length of your content, the topic, the overall distribution of keywords, and links are all evaluated by the search engine. The content should be relevant and original enough to be able to gain links from other websites. It is advisable to hire an SEO company in Los Angeles to create such content for your website.

Consider the User Intent

For years now, search engine algorithms have been trying to deliver results that actually match the intentions of the users. And this preoccupation with delivering accurate results has taken over white hat SEO. The purpose of every single update has been to increase the accuracy of the factors that the search engines take into account when guessing the intention of the search. Thus, everything that you do – from the content on your website to the images that you use – should match the intent of the users.

Mobile First Design

Having a responsive website is a must. If your website is not focusing on mobile quality, it is likely that you are falling behind. Creating a mobile-first website is not a difficult task anymore. You can easily hire aDigital Agency Los Angeles to create a responsive website. This mobile-first website should make it easier for users to access your website through all kinds of devices without any hassle.

Focus on Keyword Research

Gone are the days when stuffing your content with keywords would help you in manipulating algorithms. In fact, search engines don’t respond positively to simple keywords anymore. They take into account a number of factors to determine whether the keywords are being used properly. You can hire a PPC Agency Los Angeles to help you figure out which keywords are relevant to your website and then you can use them for your SEO strategies as well.


The best part about using White Hat SEO strategies is that you can rest assured that they won’t cause any trouble in the future. Black hat SEO tricks usually cause difficulties in the long run, even if they seem to provide some immediate results. Instead, you must focus on the quality of your content and the user experience you provide.

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