Why I always choose Novomed for Fillers in Al Ain?

I’ve been going to Novomed for a long time and wouldn’t go anywhere else. I have had so many bad experiences with other clinics in the past because I would always feel rushed and uncomfortable there. After researching filler injections years ago, I knew it was something I wanted to try on my forehead and lips to soften my entire appearance. I was concerned about going to the wrong person when I first considered having fillers, but I knew that I wanted to have them to treat my extremely visible forehead lines and the uneven shape of my lips. I spent a significant amount of time in Dubai checking various clinics and discovered Novomed. I scheduled a consultation and met with the doctor and his staff. I felt extremely at ease at their Dubai center because everyone greets you with a smile and makes you feel at home.

The doctor told me that I was a suitable candidate for the fillers and answered all of my questions. I explained how I wanted natural-looking results and he did not disappoint when I received my first treatment. I have a difficult lip shape to work with, but his work has always been very natural and delicate, and many people I know have been startled to learn that I had any facial work done. The physician has always demonstrated amazing precision while using fillers in the different parts of my face. I am usually terrified of needles, but the procedure was significantly less painful than I anticipated. The doctor was very calming and clearly described the procedure. From start to finish, the procedure proceeded flawlessly. My results are fantastic and appear to be completely natural.

From making the appointment to the results achieved on my face, my entire Novomed has been remarkable. The dermatologist paid close attention to what I wanted, especially my desire for a natural look and he was successful in doing so. The doctor is a true professional who is always attentive to my needs, which is why my appointments are always something I look forward to. I would highly recommend Novomed’s services to anyone looking for fillers in Al Ain and a fresher look.

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